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short update

Just a short update for the past week and now.

I was terribly sick for the whole last week. I can’t even remember how I spent my week beside sleeping it away.

I did went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday as I’m not entitle to skip it even if I’m entitle to take MC. #pityme  I was drop dead by  Thursday and Friday. Luckily enough, I was able to recover by Saturday and make a trip out with my…

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— 2 weeks ago
Wondering, like a girl.

Wondering, like a girl.


Is it alright to be different? I always enjoy watching how other girls behave. (I’m not some pervert,okay.) Know why? Is because I’m wondering. Am I suppose to behave this way since I’m a girl. This kept me thinking, even till now.


I came across this on Tumblr. Is interesting, isn’t it ?

Most of them fit into me.

I don’t wake up with perfect hair. Is always like a most worst hair ever in my…

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— 4 weeks ago
listing them out.

1. Human Growth Development Assignment due on 24/03/14

2. Technology in Teaching Assginment due on 26/03/14

3. Project Approach Evaluation due on 4th week of March 14

4. Lesson Evaluation already overdue. (January to March)

5. K1 Portfolio due on 02/04/14

6. Parent Meeting on 26/04/14

* Nursery Field Trip planing overdue too.*

-Reminding to myself-

(even typing out make me think “is there…

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— 1 month ago
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Mugging hard.

Suddenly I can’t wait for my course to end, despite I enjoy studying again.

Studying is great, especially when you got great companions in school. I’m totally missing the time I have in the world to do my assignments or things you call homework.

Finally got my chance to follow my friend to her uni. Oh, I miss those atmosphere! Holding on to your laptop, buy some snacks or drinks, search for a…

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— 1 month ago
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What a tough week…

What a tough week…

What a tough week for me. Is been like 1 months plus since I worked for more than 2 days per week. I’m already so used of only working for 2 days and enjoy schooling for 3 days.

Luckily, I’m not going back neither work nor school for next Mon – Wed. I call it a holiday in disguise. Need to stay home and finish up my assignments. I see it piling up.

And finally ends the first Project Approach…

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— 1 month ago
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